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crystal information - the site for awesome information and crystal photos!
crystal information - the site for amazing crystal information and high quality photos! have your say and share your information in the comments section!

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spiritual jewelry inspired by sacred meaning // tiny rituals
our jewelry isn't just beautiful, it's a stepping stone for those seeking meaning & are inspired by intention. 10% of our profits support children in need.

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madagascar minerals
source for minerals & fossils from madagascar. carvings, spheres, hearts, bookends, tables, rough and more. labradorite, ammonites, petrified wood

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earth inspired gifts | himalayan salt lamps | jewellery | crystals
earth inspired gifts stocks a range of himalayan salt lamps, crystals, selenite, geode caves, jewellery and a beautiful selection of gifts inspired by nature.

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mystic crystal imports
specializing in hard to find crystals & minerals as well as gemstone beads & chakra jewelry at great prices

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gemstagram - made by nature | gem & crystal stones meanings
educate yourself with all the crystal stones that this world has to offer and how their special meanings & properties can empower your life!

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howl at the moon gems | your source for healing crystals and jewelry
welcome to howl at the moon! | howl at the moon gems & jewelry

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kidz rocks - high quality healing crystals, rocks and minerals
kidz rocks has high quality healing crystals, rocks and minerals in larger sizes and lower prices than the competition. our customers are not just satisfied but thrilled they chose kidz rocks!

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home - crystal benefits

Semrush Rank: 232,761 Facebook ♡: 99 Website Worth: $ 300
 Is it similar?   Yes      No              | healing crystals, oils, jewelry, candles, courses
andrew pacholyk offers unique healing gifts for empowering your life. crystals, jewelry, healing kits, gift sets, candles, herbs, and teas for mind, body, spirit.

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crystals, jewelry, and metaphysical products online |crystal life technology
a charming shop for crystal lovers and mineral collectors located in geneva, il. crystal life carries different modalities of esoteric work, including dowsing supplies, slim spurling products.

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healing stone jewelry, crystals, and gemstones - beadage
explore gemstones and crystal meanings and properties, and shop healing jewelry, crystals and stones, and gemstone beads.

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satya center
articles and link directories on alternative health, love, relationships and global news. shop huge selection of natural crystals and gemstones: clear quartz, amethyst, citrine, lemurian quartz, super 7, smoky quartz, rutilated quartz -- rough, unpolished, and polished, points, wands, spheres, jewelry, earrings, pendants. vogel wands, master cut vogel wands, vogel cut wands, information on sacred geometry and metaphysical properties of vogel wands. huge selection of gemstones: larimar, danburite, phenacite, moldavite, moonstone, opal, ruby, aquamarine, tourmaline, wands, pendants, jewelry. articles on metaphysical and mineralogical properties of crystals, how to use them in healing and meditation. holistic health resources, directory of healers. free horoscopes. articles on reiki by reiki masters, reiki resource directory. tarot readings, link directory on tarot, articles on tarot. buy home made herbal teas, home made toiletries. articles on spiritual laws of love, how to find your soulmate, couples therapy, relationship advice, marriage counseling. alternative sources of world news. articles by best-selling and famous authors and healers, plus resource and link directories on reiki, past life therapy, meditation, yoga, sustainable agriculture, environmental news, global news, news, sacred geometry, plant medicine, farms and gardens,agriculture, gardening, healing herbs. search the directory of alternative healers.

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meditacija sedam zraka svetla - metod duhovnog samorazvoja sunčeva zraka - olga rezo
sunčeva zraka - vodič spiritualnog razvoja, delovi iz knjige ja sam onaj što jest, spiritualne instrukcije, meditacija novog doba, olga rezo

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sage goddess - crystals, gems, perfumes, chakra & astrology tools
the world’s largest selection of healing crystals, gemstones, perfumes, astrological and chakra tools, and more for your metaphysical or spiritual practice.

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the quartz page
the quartz page - this site covers the mineral quartz and its many varieties.

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enchanted aura's
visit the post for more.

Facebook ♡: 715 Website Worth: $ 62,200
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large on-line store selling gemstones, smudge, chakra products & more
nature's for you provides top quality gemstones, smudging, chakra & color energy supplies & more at excellent prices – free shipping over $60

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404 not found
404 not found

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new moon beginnings | healing crystals, jewelry, candles, aromatherapy
welcome to new moon beginnings! we offer a unique collection of healing crystals & metaphysical-inspired creations including: healing crystal jewelry, candles, aromatherapy & more! our unique products are created with the intention of spreading peace, beauty, positivity, light & healing energy to those who seek it.

Moz DA: 25 Moz Rank: 3.2 Semrush Rank: 40,498 Facebook ♡: 507 Website Worth: $ 1,800
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moonrise crystals - feel loved
moonrise crystals provides an encyclopedia of information about crystal healing, science, sourcing, and history to take your energy practice to the next level.

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best online crystal shop | crystal healing for women
the best crystal healing website to buy genuine crystals, natural crystal jewelry, quartz decor. the place to buy and learn about crystals from a trusted source.

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home - discover our beautiful crystals - the rock crystal shop
buy affordable crystals, beautifully energised online or our sydney crystal shops at newtown and crows nest. discover the joy of a crystal, rock or fossil.

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satin crystals - healing stones, handmade jewelry & gemstone gifts
are you tired of getting low grade rocks from vague vendors? we understand that you need real healing gemstones full of power and benefits. lisa hand picks the best crystal balls, meteorites and stones for you. sheila creates beautiful bracelets, necklaces, and custom jewelry that fit your modern lifestyle perfectly.

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serendipity crystals
serendipity crystals

Semrush Rank: 456,358 Facebook ♡: 661 Website Worth: $ 4,000
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life's treasures kauai – mark & linda – the andara crystal experts
life's treasures kauai |

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unique and meaningful birthstone jewelry |
unique and meaningful birthstone jewelry |

Semrush Rank: 19,995 Facebook ♡: 185 Website Worth: $ 6,700
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hibiscus moon - new home page
hibiscus moon crystal academy | crystal healer course | this the place to learn all about the art & science of crystal healing. online crystal healer course

Facebook ♡: 888 Website Worth: $ 8,400
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love & light school | award-winning crystal healing certification program
grow your knowledge & confidence working with your stones with our in-depth, accredited crystal healing certification program!

Semrush Rank: 109,474 Website Worth: $ 17,200
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shamans crystal - holistic crystal shop, healing crystals, dowsing pendulums, tarot cards, and much more
we offer healing crystals, crystal jewellery, tarot cards, crystal runes, tumble stones, crystal balls, dowsing pendulums, chakra crystals, dream catchers

Facebook ♡: 27 Website Worth: $ 6,400
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atperry's healing crystals | buy crystal jewelry with free shipping
crystal jewelry, healing crystals & raw gemstones with free shipping. 100+ types of crystals & gemstones such as amethyst, fire opal & mystic topaz. gemstone jewelry and rough crystals with wholesale prices. 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. atperry's healing crystals - buy crystals now.

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dna alchemy llc, a metaphysical website dedicated to metaphysical new age information, online store, providing inspiration, *ssistance and tools for spiritual growth. we offer lemurian crystals, programed rose quartz crystals, andara crystals, tibetan quartz, divine blueprints and energy work.

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the mineral and gemstone kingdom: home
an interactive reference guide to rocks, minerals, and gemstones.

Moz DA: 58 Moz Rank: 4.8 Semrush Rank: 12,222 Facebook ♡: 420 Website Worth: $ 20,400
 Is it similar?   Yes      No              - crystals and minerals
eureka! you've found it -, with a large inventory of healing crystals and stones, serving the metaphysical community and collectors. crystals, minerals, fossils, meteorites, tumbled stones, and rough stones. purveyors of crystals and minerals from around the world, since 1994.

Moz DA: 46 Moz Rank: 4.1 Semrush Rank: 94,484 Facebook ♡: 817 Website Worth: $ 8,500
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energy in balance - energy in balance
energy in balance supplying crystals and metaphysical information - my name is michelle meiklejohn welcome to my site. i love & am passionate about crystals & energy work. i hand pick all the crystals on my site with love & care to make sure you get the very best.

Semrush Rank: 643,580 Website Worth: $ 1,900
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crystal-wizard crystals and gems for healing both physical and emotional being
crystals and gemstones for health,wealth,peace ,well being and metaphysical healing,rocks ,crystals .

Website Worth: $ 3,000
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raven and crone® welcomes you
we are an online retail catalog of wicca supplies, witchcraft supplies, pagan supplies, occult supplies, new age supplies, crystals and tumbled stones. we proudly add unique healing crystals, tumbled stones, pagan gifts and wiccan supplies to our online wicca pagan catalog.

Website Worth: $ 4,900
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fine art silver jewelry, talismans, lucky symbols, gemstones information
custom silver jewelry, one-of-a-kind designs. runic, zodiac, kabbalah talismans, king solomon seals, lucky symbols etc. pendants, earrings, bracelets.

Website Worth: $ 100
 Is it similar?   Yes      No              mineral specimens, crystals, gemstones, spheres, jewelry, crystal balls, rough & handcrafted mineral gifts your on-line link direct to the mines and lapidary shops for mineral specimens, crystals, gemstones, jewelry, spheres & crystal balls, facet rough and lapidary rough & handcrafted mineral gifts.

Facebook ♡: 0 Website Worth: $ 7,300
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healing stones, healing crystals at healing stones, healing crystals
all the healing properties, healing crystals and healing stones available, metaphysical products in all industries, plus custom shopping and creations

Semrush Rank: 495,187 Facebook ♡: 4 Website Worth: $ 800
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wholesale indian silver jewelry | handmade gemstone jewelry
gemexi is the biggest 925 sterling silver jewelry manufacturers & exporter from india and offers a variety of handmade gemstones jewelry in wholesale price. now free shipping worldwide!

Semrush Rank: 54,111 Facebook ♡: 9,838 Website Worth: $ 21,000
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soul sisters designs | healing crystal jewelry and home decor
soul sisters designs ~ handcrafted healing crystal jewelry, accessories and decor to transform and uplift the spirit!

Semrush Rank: 69,081 Website Worth: $ 600
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metaphysical store: nc labyrinth park: gifts for body, mind & spirit
mountain valley one stop shop for metaphysical supplies: healing crystals, orgonite jewelry, sage, candles, franklin, nc

Website Worth: $ 9,500
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crystal connection center | connect on a deeper level
crystal connection center | connect on a deeper level

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gemstone database - gems and gemology, gem localities, photos and data
the web's most comprehensive and regularly updated gemogy database with information on gems from around the world and thousands of photos

Semrush Rank: 114,905 Website Worth: $ 3,600
 Is it similar?   Yes      No              - revolutionary quantum jewelry
welcome to higher vibrations home of revolutionary quantum jewelry and healing stones. learn all about healing stones and their meanings.

Semrush Rank: 995,507 Website Worth: $ 700
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fine mineral specimens/treasure mountain mining/gem and minerals
gem and mineral,mineral specimens,fine mineral specimens,crystals healing,mineral dealer,crystals and gems,fluorite,rhodochrosite,beryl,tourmaline,emerald

Website Worth: $ 600
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home | access gems
home | access gems

Semrush Rank: 6,472,604 Facebook ♡: 3 Website Worth: $ 1,900
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crystals, gemstone jewelry, & unique gift ideas
shopping for unique gift ideas has never been easier. we carry a variety of jewelry & carvings made from crystals, gemstones, & other precious stones.

Moz DA: 20 Moz Rank: 3.2 Semrush Rank: 816,586 Facebook ♡: 28,064 Website Worth: $ 4,200
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therapeutic gemstones and crystals for healing - gemisphere
we are the premier resource for the world's highest quality therapeutic gemstones. offering products for healing, therapy, and gem and crystal healing.

Semrush Rank: 310,207 Facebook ♡: 13,919 Website Worth: $ 11,000
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gemstone meanings
gemstone meanings guide for birthstone and their best lucky stone

Facebook ♡: 1 Website Worth: $ 900
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innervision crystals
specializing in moldavite, phenakite, herkimer diamond quartz, rare crystals for sale & more since 2006

Semrush Rank: 241,947 Website Worth: $ 6,900
 Is it similar?   Yes      No              > catalog
crystals for healing, crystal pendants, crystal bracelets, crystal wands, crystals, crystal hearts, crystal angels

Website Worth: $ 3,500
 Is it similar?   Yes      No                      
chakra jewelry | sobriety jewelry | healing crystal jewelry | intention jewelry | handmade jewelry with meaning
handmade chakra jewelry, spiritual recovery jewelry, sobriety jewelry, crystal healing jewelry and meaningful intention jewelry in sterling silver or 14kt gold filled that combines the ancient healing properties of gemstones and crystals with the heart felt intentions to become all that you were always meant to be!

Semrush Rank: 216,637 Website Worth: $ 0
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healing crystals, minerals & spiritual gift shop | queensbury, new york
tush*ta heaven top quality minerals and crystals, tumbled stones, healing crystals, and handcrafted jewelry

Semrush Rank: 404,556 Website Worth: $ 700
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essence of mineral makeup
glowing skin acheived through natural mineral makeup of earth that you wear on your face.

Website Worth: $ 0
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mineral & gemstone database | is a website dedicated to informing the ever growing gem community, as well as providing unbiased consumer education, all in a simple to use and friendly environment. don’t worry you can trust us, we don’t sell gems we just provide the unbiased facts.

Semrush Rank: 205,143 Website Worth: $ 700
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metaphysicality inc
our blog covers a range of metaphysical topics, including tarot and other types of divination, crystal properties, spirituality, paganism, and more.

Semrush Rank: 1,881,181 Website Worth: $ 0
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simone m. matthews -
helping you to awaken, heal & thrive through the spirit of all things... healing that is enduring... healing that is possible from a deeply nourishing & awakened experience of your life... simone m. matthews

Website Worth: $ 3,400
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the crystal healing shop - healing crystals and gemstones galore !!
the crystal healing shop - over 500 genuine and authentic healing crystals and gemstones for the use in crystal healing. trusted and established for over 16 years, with worldwide shipping.

Semrush Rank: 698,882 Facebook ♡: 1,748 Website Worth: $ 500
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spiritual items & healing jewelry | conscious items
conscious items online store offers authentic spiritual items and an incredible collection of healing jewelry designed for positive living. visit us today!

Facebook ♡: 0 Website Worth: $ 2,200
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that crystal site: healing crystals, minerals, silver crystal jewelry
that crystal site: discerningly selected, healing crystals, minerals, jewellery & chakra stones for collectors and energy healers shipped to you - australia

Facebook ♡: 45 Website Worth: $ 10,000
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home - arkansas crystal works
arkansas crystal works - genn john: serving the crystal community since 1995. find all things arkansas quartz crystal and information about quartz crystal.

Website Worth: $ 0
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home | the crystal matrix
the crystal matrix center

Website Worth: $ 0
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wordpress › error
rougewood supply to hvac air express situation

Semrush Rank: 37,787,852 Website Worth: $ 0
 Is it similar?   Yes      No                      
mind body & spirit - gifts & books - home
journey to a place that feeds your soul. seekers and shoppers become pleasantly lost or creatively found amidst an eclectic mix of spiritual items and unique gifts. find additional resources and opportunities to support your spiritual journey through our practitioner sessions, cl*ss*s, and workshops.

Website Worth: $ 4,400
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ethan lazzerini - crystal healing blog, books, guides and tips
crystal healing blog sharing useful guides and tips for working with your crystals and crystal grids

Semrush Rank: 659,658 Website Worth: $ 1,000
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beautiful crystals available to buy online
discover our beautiful range of crystals in our online store. includes smokey, citrine, elestial, clear & rose quartz spheres, wands and more...

Semrush Rank: 4,418,157 Website Worth: $ 0
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crystal mountain
australia's leading crystal store! our crystal specialists are didicated to all things crystalline, visit our prestigious store with an enormous variety containing thousands of crystals, minerals, fossils, meteorites, tektites, gemtones & australian designer jewellery tamborine mountain, gold coast, australia

Website Worth: $ 0
 Is it similar?   Yes      No             , astrology | crystals shop | birth stones | birth chart | healing crystals
crystals, minerals, gemstones, crystal healing | astrology – free birth chart, an*lysis, elements calculator - fire, water, air, earth, free basic course, zodiac, star signs | readings via skype

Semrush Rank: 1,662,322 Facebook ♡: 198 Website Worth: $ 2,700
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shop lc | online shopping channel: jewelry, gemstone, fashion, beauty
through the delivery of high quality, affordable products, made possible by our low-cost direct sourcing, we change the world and touch people's lives one piece at a time!

Moz DA: 44 Moz Rank: 4.4 Semrush Rank: 12,704 Facebook ♡: 17,556 Website Worth: $ 29,500
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amethyst galleries' mineral gallery
amethyst galleries' mineral gallery describes more than 600 minerals, with thousands of images and specimens. the descriptions include searchable mineralogical data, plus other information of interest to students and rock hounds!

Semrush Rank: 38,242 Facebook ♡: 255 Website Worth: $ 12,800
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metaphysical home page of john and micki baumann
includes a sedona vortex map, also articles on understanding the masculine & feminine side (yin & yang), personal growth, metaphysical properties of quartz crystals, a centering exercise, wisdom for a new age, using a pendulum.

Facebook ♡: 4 Website Worth: $ 6,300
 Is it similar?   Yes      No                      
heaven & earth jewelry
heaven and earth offers the world’s largest *ssortment of new age metaphysical crystals, minerals and gemstone jewelry. for over 25 years we have been on the leading edge of working with crystals for meditation, spiritual, personal and planetary healing, and the transformation of consciousness. we bring you the most powerful and positive energy crystals we can find, from every corner of the globe. we also offer highly intuitive information on the healing properties of each and every stone

Website Worth: $ 7,200
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amazing crystal skulls
crystal skull . ancient crystal skulls . crystal skull legend . mayan crystal skull . 7 crystal skulls . indiana jones . kingdom of the crystal skull . 13 crystal skulls . mysteries on crystal skulls explained . crystal skull secrets revealed.

Facebook ♡: 126 Website Worth: $ 13,900
 Is it similar?   Yes      No                      
semi precious gemstones, rocks, stones, chakra healing stones & minerals for sale
celestial earth minerals is an online crystals and minerals store. we offer chakra healing stones, semi-precious gemstones, stones, rocks & minerals for sale to enhance and improve your life.

Semrush Rank: 1,006,034 Website Worth: $ 0
 Is it similar?   Yes      No                      
The Wonderful World of Gemstones
Nature's wonders! My love of gemstones shared. Each day I will be posting a new gemstone it's General,Scientific Mystical, Healing and Magical details. As well as care and uses

Semrush Rank: 1,482,447 Website Worth: $ 0
 Is it similar?   Yes      No

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