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borderlands toolbox | lootlemon
lootlemon is an item database, cl*ss builder, dps calculator and community for borderlands player. accurate, up-to-date information that's easy to apply.

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mentalmars - gearbox community bad*ss - borderlands content creator
as a gearbox community badass, i provide you with your recommended slice of entertainment and bad*ss wallpapers!

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gamer tag zero | gaming guides, walkthroughs, fixes, and tips
gamer tag zero is your go-to place for gaming guides, news, fixes, tips, tricks and more, all delivered in a simple way.

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all builds | borderlands 3 builds, guides and tools
browse all amara, fl4k, moze and zane builds for borderlands 3.

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bright rock media main page -
bright rock media. game guides, movie/tv show reviews, youtuber reviews, thoughts/articles/rants on society, occasionally some music articles.

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frondtech - game guides, walkthroughs and troubleshooting
game guides, walkthroughs and troubleshooting

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we are an award-winning, independent developer of interactive entertainment based near dallas, texas. founded in february 1999 by game industry veterans and led to this day by its founding developers, gearbox software has distinguished itself as one of the most respected and recognized independent video game makers in the world.

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apache2 debian default page: it works
map genie | interactive game maps

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gaming tens - top ten lists, guides, and other musings for gamers everywhere.
top ten lists, guides, and other musings for gamers everywhere.

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borderlands lore
a blog created to help new players, casual players, experienced players, and more learn about the vast knowledge in the borderlands universe. check out the "about" page!

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progametalk - hub of popular video games news, guides & much more
progametalk is your place to know about popular video games news, tips, guides, walk-throughs, gaming gear reviews and much more.

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tales of a vault hunter
lvl. 26 vault hunter | diamond armory! | catch news, discussion, and all things borderlands. same user for tumblr, twitter, psn. (main account: @befxckingdecent)

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squarespace - website expired

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borderlands 3 skill planner
unofficial borderlands 3 skill planner

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gamers wiki
主にpcゲームの攻略情報を取り扱っています。取り扱っているゲームについてはゲーム一覧もしくは下記のwiki一覧からどうぞ。新しいwikiの開設やシステム更新のお知らせは更新履歴を参照してください。 back 4 blood wikiはこちら『b

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boosting, smurf accounts & power leveling - gaming evolved !
professional boosting & carry services by top leaderboard players. pc, ps, xbox, stadia & mobile. 24/7 online support !

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borderlands' best gear – 'best legit weapon possible' guncard reference archive
huge archive of all borderlands’ best weapons and items at their highest possible levels. real gun pics from the game in swift galleries with built-in gearcalc links

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borderlands 3 forum
discuss borderlands 3 forum and other borderlands games

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warframe wiki | warframe prices & guides | a player made wiki
warframe wiki blog about latest warframe prices, warframe mods, and stuff. catch latest news regarding the game. find out more on our website.

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naguide - guides, walkthroughs and tips
guides, walkthroughs and tips

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mmoscoop - gaming news
the #1 source for mmo news, best free mmorpgs, mmo game reviews, mmo guides, and much more.

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home :: video game databank
home :: video game databank

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home - respawnfirst

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welcome to gamewith; your daily source of the latest and hottest game guides and news.

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fpsbolt - games & news
games & news

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Borderlands2(ボーダーランズ2)が大好きだから!できるだけ詳しく遊びつくすよ!! ストーリー・キャラクター・スキル・easter egg(イースターエッグ・パロディ)など盛りだくさんに お届けシマスヨ!!!

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