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homeopathy and magnet-therapy – an excellent combination treatment process
homeopathy and magnet-therapy - an excellent combination treatment process

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veterinary bacteriology: information about important bacteria.

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peptides and kidney health
peptides can play a role in boosting the body in a variety of different areas. they’re well known for their anti aging properties, providing the skin with a firmness and helping to minimise wrinkles. they are renowned for their muscle building aspects, *ssisting with acquiring strength and the elimination of visceral fat. peptides are also found to be a beneficiary to the immune system by reducing the severity of inflammation and it is this element of their function which similarly *ssists with the health of the kidneys.   peptides are chains of amino acids, between 2 and 50 in number, which when combined together form proteins. due to their smaller size, they are more readily absorbed by the body and find it easier to enter the bloodstream. there are a number of animal and plant sources of protein which contain peptides including meat, fish, milk, eggs, soybeans, lentils, oats and wheat.   it is well understood that the kidneys primary role in the body is the removal of excess fluid and other waste products from the body. these excesses are removed through the urine which is an imperative process to maintain a stable balance of chemicals within the body. the kidneys are also responsible for removing drugs from the body, releasing hormones that regulate blood pressure, control the production of red blood cells and produce an active form of vitamin d to promote bone health.   it goes without saying that the body requires the kidneys to be functioning to be truly healthy. there is a condition called nephritis which is an inflammation of the kidneys. nephritis results in a retention of the waste products that the kidneys typically remove which can lead to symptoms such as changes in urinating habits, foamy urine, blood in the urine and swelling of body parts such as hands, feet and face.   studies are revealing the positives that peptides can bring in the fight against nephritis. a synthetic peptide was found to disrupt the d

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notes and study material for exam papers
this blog provides notes and study material for examination papers

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homepage | microbiology society
the microbiology society is a membership charity for scientists interested in microbes, their effects and their practical uses.

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biology exams 4 u
biology class, biology crash course, biology notes, biology study guides, ap biology practice tests, sat biology practice, csir notes, neet notes

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plant science 4 u
study of plants, botany experiments, botany research journals, videos, algae notes, fungi notes,plant science notes ppts and pdf

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dissemination of information in a correct manner and providing the readers with an enriching experience is the main object of our knowledge portal.

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botanical world adventures | big island zip line, segway & garden tours
experience the big island of hawaii from a new angle with botanical world adventures' ziplining experiences, segway tours, and rainforest garden tours. book now!

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biology resources

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extensive information and guidance on good and bad bacteria
we encounter bacteria everyday, but how much do we really know about good and bad bacteria? this website offers lots of information - written in layman's terms.

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simplified biology – by ramneet kaur
by ramneet kaur

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zoology notes | exclusive notes on zoology for students | zoology notes
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online biology notes - a complete notes for students
a complete notes for students

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lifeeasy biology: questions and answers
biology for std. 11, std. 12, undergraduate biology program and medical entrance

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portal website ideas – just another wordpress site
portal website ideas - just another wordpress site

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