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SQL database engine software. MySQL () is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS). Its name is a combination of "My", the name of co-founder Michael Widenius's daughter My, and "SQL", the acronym for Structured Query Language. A relational database organizes data into one or more data tables in which data may be related to each other; these relations help structure the data. SQL is a language programmers use to create, modify and extract data from the relational database, as well as control user access to the database. In addition to relational databases and SQL, an RDBMS like MySQL works with an operating system to implement a relational database in a computer's storage system, manages users, allows for network access and facilitates testing database integrity and creation of backups.
Categories: Business, Information Technology
Topics: mysql, mysql create table, mysql download, mysql server, mysql workbench, mysql workbench download, mysqldump

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PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that powers everything from your blog to the most popular websites in the world.
Scripting language created in 1994. PHP is a general-purpose scripting language geared toward web development. It was originally created by Danish-Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf in 1993 and released in 1995. The PHP reference implementation is now produced by The PHP Group. PHP was originally an abbreviation of Personal Home Page, but it now stands for the recursive initialism PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.PHP code is usually processed on a web server by a PHP interpreter implemented as a module, a daemon or as a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) executable. On a web server, the result of the interpreted and executed PHP code – which may be any type of data, such as generated HTML or binary image data – would form the whole or part of an HTTP response.

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Categories: Technical Information, Information Technology
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SQL Shack - articles about database auditing, server performance, data recovery, and more
Share SQL knowledge, help you learn about SQL and communicate with people from SQL world.

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Categories: Computers/Software/Operating Systems, Computers/Software/Databases, Computers/Programming/Languages, Technical/Business Forums, Information Technology
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Server Fault
Q&A for system and network administrators
Network of Q&A sites based in New York City. Stack Exchange is a network of question-and-answer (Q&A) websites on topics in diverse fields, each site covering a specific topic, where questions, answers, and users are subject to a reputation award process. The reputation system allows the sites to be self-moderating. As of March 2023, the three most actively-viewed sites in the network are Stack Overflow which focuses on computer programming, Unix & Linux, and Mathematics.All sites in the network are modeled after the initial site Stack Overflow which was created by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky in 2008. Further Q&A sites in the network are established, defined and eventually – if found relevant – brought to creation by registered users through a special site named Area 51.User contributions since May 2, 2018 are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International. Older content, contributed while the site used the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license or the earlier Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 Unported license, remains licensed under the license in force at the time it was contributed.In June 2021, Prosus acquired Stack Overflow for $1.8 billion, which was the first complete acquisition of Prosus in educational technology.

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Categories: Computers/Software/Operating Systems, Computers/Programming/Resources, Computers/Open Source, Technical/Business Forums, Information Technology
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DigitalOcean | Cloud Hosting for Builders
Simple, scalable cloud computing solutions built for startups and small-to-midsize businesses.

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Categories: Computers/Internet/Cloud Computing, Computers/Programming/Languages, Computers/Open Source, Internet Services, Information Technology
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Percona - The Database Performance Experts
Percona delivers enterprise-class support, consulting, managed services, and software for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and other open-source databases across traditional and cloud-based platforms.

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Categories: Business, Information Technology
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Online Tutorials, Courses, and eBooks Library | Tutorialspoint
Tutorials Point is an online learning platform providing free tutorials, paid premium courses, and eBooks. Learn the latest technologies and programming languages SQL, MySQL, Python, C, C++, Java, Python, PHP, Machine Learning, data science, AI, Prompt Engineering and more.

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Categories: Computers/Programming/Languages, Computers/Education, Computers/Data Formats, Education/Reference, Information Technology
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TechOnTheNet - Online tutorials for Excel, SQL, Oracle, PLSQL and more!
Your trusted resource for learning new technologies. We've been providing tutorials, references, and step-by-step instructions since 2003. is a great place to learn a new technology, or find a quick reference.

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Categories: Computers/Software/Databases, Computers/Software/Typesetting, Computers/Software/Office Suites, Technical Information, Information Technology
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Categories: Reference/Museums, Computers/Software/Internet, Computers/Internet, Technical Information, Information Technology
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Ask Ubuntu
Q&A for Ubuntu users and developers
. Ask Ubuntu is a community-driven question and answer website for the Ubuntu operating system. It is part of the Stack Exchange Network, running the same software as Stack Overflow.Members gain reputation based on the community's response (through voting) to their questions and answers. Reputation signifies trust for users in the answers they give. Privileges are given based on reputation levels, with users with the highest reputation having similar privileges to moderators. All the user-generated content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.The site came out of public beta on 10 October 2010, launching alongside Ubuntu 10.10.As of December 2021, Ask Ubuntu has about 1.3 million registered users and more than 380,000 questions.

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Categories: Computers/Software/Operating Systems, Computers/Programming/Resources, Science/Math, Technical/Business Forums, Information Technology
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American multinational computer technology corporation. Oracle Corporation is an American multinational computer technology corporation headquartered in Austin, Texas. In 2020, Oracle was the third-largest software company in the world by revenue and market capitalization. The company sells database software and technology (particularly its own brands), cloud engineered systems, and enterprise software products, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, human capital management (HCM) software, customer relationship management (CRM) software (also known as customer experience), enterprise performance management (EPM) software, and supply chain management (SCM) software.

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Categories: Business/Information Technology, Computers/Programming/Languages, Computers/Companies, Business, Information Technology
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phoenixNAP: Data Center, Dedicated Servers, Cloud, & Colocation
phoenixNAP Data Center is a Leading Global IT Services Provider. Let Our Experts Assist With Dedicated Servers, Cloud Computing, Colocation, & Compliance Solutions.

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Categories: Business/Telecommunications, Business/Financial Services, Computers/Internet/Abuse, Business, Information Technology
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Linux Tips, Tricks and Tutorials | Linuxize
Linuxize is a Linux Sysadmin and DevOps blog that publishes articles and tutorials about server operations, new techniques and Linux security.

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Categories: Society/Politics, Computers/Internet/Web Design and Development, Recreation/Radio, Technical/Business Forums, Information Technology
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Cloud-based data analytics exploration for all | Chartio
Chartio’s cloud-based business intelligence and analytics solution enables everyone to analyze their data from their business applications.

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Categories: Software/Hardware, Information Technology
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GeeksforGeeks | A computer science portal for geeks
A Computer Science portal for geeks. It contains well written, well thought and well explained computer science and programming articles, quizzes and practice/competitive programming/company interview Questions.

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Categories: Computers/Data Formats, Computers/Internet/Web Design and Development, Regional/Europe, Education/Reference, Information Technology
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Learn Web Design & Development with SitePoint tutorials, courses and books - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, mobile app development, Responsive Web Design
Publisher of books and online courses. SitePoint is a Melbourne-based website, and publisher of books, courses and articles for web developers.

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Categories: Business/Marketing and Advertising, Computers/Data Formats, Computers/Programming/Languages, Technical/Business Forums, Education
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Laravel - The PHP Framework For Web Artisans
Laravel is a PHP web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. We’ve already laid the foundation — freeing you to create without sweating the small things.
Open source web application framework, written in PHP. Laravel is a free and open-source PHP web framework, created by Taylor Otwell and intended for the development of web applications following the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern and based on Symfony. Some of the features of Laravel are a modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager, different ways for accessing relational databases, utilities that aid in application deployment and maintenance, and its orientation toward syntactic sugar.: 2, 5–9 The source code of Laravel is hosted on GitHub and licensed under the terms of MIT License.

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Categories: Shopping/Home and Garden, Reference/Dictionaries, Computers/Internet/Web Design and Development, Technical Information, Information Technology
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Welcome to The Apache Software Foundation!
Home page of The Apache Software Foundation
Nonprofit open source software community. The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is an American nonprofit corporation (classified as a 501(c)(3) organization in the United States) to support a number of open source software projects. The ASF was formed from a group of developers of the Apache HTTP Server, and incorporated on March 25, 1999. As of 2021, it includes approximately 1000 members.The Apache Software Foundation is a decentralized open source community of developers. The software they produce is distributed under the terms of the Apache License, a permissive open-source license for free and open-source software (FOSS). The Apache projects are characterized by a collaborative, consensus-based development process and an open and pragmatic software license, which is to say that it allows developers who receive the software freely, to re-distribute it under nonfree terms.

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Categories: Computers/Open Source, Computers/Software/Internet, Computers/Programming/Languages, Software/Hardware, Information Technology
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W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
Well organized and easy to understand Web building tutorials with lots of examples of how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Python, PHP, Bootstrap, Java, XML and more.
Web development information website. W3Schools is a freemium educational website for learning coding online. Initially released in 1998, it derives its name from the World Wide Web but is not affiliated with the W3 Consortium. W3Schools offers courses covering all aspects of web development. W3Schools also publishes free HTML templates. It is run by Refsnes Data in Norway.

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Categories: Computers/Data Formats, Computers/Programming/Languages, Computers/Programming/Internet, Technical Information, Information Technology
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CodeProject - For those who code
Free source code and tutorials for Software developers and Architects.; Updated: 20 May 2023
. Code Project (formerly The Code Project) is a community for computer programmers with articles on different topics and programming languages such as web development, software development, C++, Java, and other topics. Once a visitor registers a user account on the site, they can gain reputation which allows users to unlock different privileges such as the ability to store personal files in the user's account area, have live hyperlinks in their profile biography, and more. Members can also write and upload their own articles and code for other visitors to view. Articles can be related to general programming, GUI design, algorithms or collaboration. Most of the articles are uploaded by visitors and do not come from an external source.

Moz DA: 85 Moz Rank: 6.2 Semrush Rank: 43,458 Facebook ♡: 4,765
Categories: Computers/Programming/Libraries, Computers/Software/Internet, Computers/Programming/Languages, Technical/Business Forums, Information Technology
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Tecmint: Linux Howtos, Tutorials & Guides
Tecmint - Linux Howtos, Tutorials, Guides, News, Tips and Tricks.

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Categories: Games/Video Games/Roleplaying, Computers/Open Source, Computers/Software/Operating Systems, Technical/Business Forums, Information Technology
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PostgreSQL: The world's most advanced open source database
The official site for PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced open source database

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Categories: Business, Information Technology
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DEV Community
A constructive and inclusive social network for software developers. With you every step of your journey.
Nigerian nonprofit organization. Devatop Centre for Africa Development is a youth-led nonprofit organization with aimed towards fighting and combating human trafficking, gender-based violence, child abuse, providing educational materials and academical support to vulnerable children, and empowering women and youth. The organization has been in the forefront of combating human trafficking and executing educational projects in Nigeria. It is registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission Nigeria and since its establishment it has impacted over a million people through training, sensitization, assistance, donations and media.

Semrush Rank: 10,173 Facebook ♡: 2,442
Categories: Computers/Programming/Languages, Computers/Open Source, Computers/Programming/Internet, Internet Services, Education
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Bootstrap · The most popular HTML, CSS, and JS library in the world.
Powerful, extensible, and feature-packed frontend toolkit. Build and customize with Sass, utilize prebuilt grid system and components, and bring projects to life with powerful JavaScript plugins.
Web design front-end framework. Bootstrap is a free and open-source CSS framework directed at responsive, mobile-first front-end web development. It contains HTML, CSS and (optionally) JavaScript-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation, and other interface components. As of December 2022, Bootstrap is the 14th most starred project (4th most starred library) on GitHub, with over 161,000 stars. According to W3Techs, Bootstrap is used by 19.2% of all websites.

Moz DA: 92 Moz Rank: 7.8 Semrush Rank: 5,565 Facebook ♡: 17,264
Categories: Computers/Programming/Languages, Arts/Music, Computers/Software/Build Management, Technical Information, Information Technology
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Programming, Web Development, and DevOps news, tutorials and tools for beginners to experts. Hundreds of free publications, over 1M members, totally free.

Moz DA: 84 Moz Rank: 6.6 Semrush Rank: 47,002 Facebook ♡: 828
Categories: Computers/Programming/Internet, Computers/Programming/Languages, Computers/Programming, Technical Information, Information Technology
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C# Corner - Community of Software and Data Developers
Community for Developers and IT Professionals

Moz DA: 83 Moz Rank: 5.8 Semrush Rank: 12,646 Facebook ♡: 9,610
Categories: Computers/Programming/Languages, Computers/Artificial Intelligence, Computers/Programming/Internet, Technical Information, Information Technology
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JetBrains: Essential tools for software developers and teams
JetBrains is a cutting-edge software vendor specializing in the creation of intelligent development tools, including IntelliJ IDEA – the leading Java IDE, and the Kotlin programming language.

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Categories: Business, Information Technology
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Hosting Platform of Choice
With its world-class support and rich feature set, cPanel & WHM has been the industry-leading web hosting platform for over 20 years. Trusted worldwide by our technology partners WordPress, CloudLinux, LiteSpeed, and more.

Moz DA: 94 Moz Rank: 9.3 Semrush Rank: 43,139 Facebook ♡: 1,546
Categories: Computers/Software/Internet, Recreation/Travel, Business, Business, Web Hosting
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IBM - United States
For more than a century, IBM has been a global technology innovator, leading advances in AI, automation and hybrid cloud solutions that help businesses grow.
American multinational technology corporation. The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), nicknamed Big Blue, is an American multinational technology corporation headquartered in Armonk, New York and present in over 175 countries. It specializes in computer hardware, middleware, and software, and provides hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. IBM is the largest industrial research organization in the world, with 19 research facilities across a dozen countries, and has held the record for most annual U.S. patents generated by a business for 29 consecutive years from 1993 to 2021.IBM was founded in 1911 as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR), a holding company of manufacturers of record-keeping and measuring systems. It was renamed "International Business Machines" in 1924 and soon became the leading manufacturer of punch-card tabulating systems. For the next several decades, IBM would become an industry leader in several emerging technologies, including electric typewriters, electromechanical calculators, and personal computers.

Moz DA: 93 Moz Rank: 7.3 Semrush Rank: 1,143 Facebook ♡: 4,147
Categories: Computers/Companies, Computers/Software/Operating Systems, Computers/Hardware, Business, Information Technology
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npm | Home
JavaScript package manager. npm is a package manager for the JavaScript programming language maintained by npm, Inc. npm is the default package manager for the JavaScript runtime environment Node.js. It consists of a command line client, also called npm, and an online database of public and paid-for private packages, called the npm registry. The registry is accessed via the client, and the available packages can be browsed and searched via the npm website. The package manager and the registry are managed by npm, Inc.

Moz DA: 88 Moz Rank: 6.6 Semrush Rank: 2,523 Facebook ♡: 1,598
Categories: Computers/Programming/Languages, Computers/Open Source, Computers/Data Formats, Software/Hardware, Information Technology
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JSFiddle - Code Playground
Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript online with JSFiddle code editor.

Moz DA: 84 Moz Rank: 6.8 Semrush Rank: 71,709 Facebook ♡: 7,538
Categories: Computers/Programming/Languages, Computers/Data Formats, Computers/Security, Internet Services, Information Technology
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Just a moment...
Webpage development and presentation tool. CodePen is an online community for testing and showcasing user-created HTML, CSS and JavaScript code snippets. It functions as an online code editor and open-source learning environment, where developers can create code snippets, called "pens," and test them. It was founded in 2012 by full-stack developers Alex Vazquez and Tim Sabat and front-end designer Chris Coyier. Its employees work remotely, rarely all meeting together in person. CodePen is a large community for web designers and developers to showcase their coding skills, with an estimated 330,000 registered users and 14.16 million monthly visitors.

Semrush Rank: 11,665 Facebook ♡: 9,252
Categories: Computers/Programming/Languages, Computers/Programming/Internet, Computers/Data Formats, Software/Hardware, Information Technology
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Instructor-Led Online Training with 24X7 Lifetime Support | Edureka
Edureka is an online training provider with the most effective learning system in the world. We help professionals learn trending technologies for career growth.

Moz DA: 59 Moz Rank: 5.4 Semrush Rank: 10,146 Facebook ♡: 21,696
Categories: Home/Homemaking, Society/People, Arts/Online Writing, Education/Reference, Education
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How To Tutorials and Tech Updates - TecAdmin
A blog for system administrators and software engineers, Howto guides, tutorials, IT news, Tips, and Tricks

Moz DA: 51 Moz Rank: 5.2 Semrush Rank: 56,784 Facebook ♡: 1,611
Categories: Computers/Internet/E-mail, Computers/Internet/Chat, Computers/Internet/On the Web, Technical/Business Forums, Information Technology
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