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the ceo library
the books recommended by the ceos, entrepreneurs, professionals and authors we look up to

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most recommended books
find the best book recommendations by billionaires, icons, and world-cl*ss performers.

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good books | books recommended by successful people
looking for the best books to read in 2021? discover the best book recommendations from the world's most successful, influential and interesting people.

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book recommendations of outstanding people
book recommendations of famous people

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bookadvice - reading list - favorite books of interesting people | bookadvice
explore book recommendations of famous authors, top ceos, legendary investors and your favorite celebrities.

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attention required! | cloudflare
blinkist lets you read the key lessons from 3000+ nonfiction books in 15 min or fewer. start your free trial today and find out how.

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radical reads
recommended reading lists from famous activists, athletes, artists, musicians, scientists, writers and more.

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principles by ray dalio
in 'principles,' investor and entrepreneur ray dalio shares his approach to life and management, which he believes anyone can use to make themselves more successful.

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kevin kelly has said "life is short, and there are too many books to read. someone, or something, has to choose, or whisper in our ear to help us decide."

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this is a place for you to explore recommendations

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a daily newsletter that provides the most thought-provoking business, tech, investing, and leadership insights on the internet.

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books recommended on the tim ferriss show
fill up your reading list, with books recommended by guests on the tim ferriss show podcast (and tim himself!).

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wealth strategies journal 2.0 (beta)
wealth strategies journal 2.0 (beta)

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bookauthority: the most recommended books by thought leaders
bookauthority collects the most recommended books on business, technology and science - as featured on cnn, inc and forbes

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the art of living | helping you live long and prosper
the art of living is the ultimate source of book recommendations, book summaries, tools, interviews and articles to help you live long and prosper.

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welcome the latest book summaries of 2019 – 2020 and give a new beginning to your day with best book bits. also, enjoy not only written but audio & video book summaries too available at different platforms.

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lifeclub — stuff you don't learn in school
lifeclub — stuff you don't learn in school

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iris reading | reading at the speed of thought
iris reading offers speed reading cl*ss*s to help students and professionals read faster with comprehension. improve your memory and productivity.

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bookicious - great book collections for founders and makers
love reading? find the best book collections about startups, social media, entrepreneurship, bussiness and much more.

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soundview executive book summaries | business books | pdf, audio, video
executive book summaries, reviews & webinars of the best business books. each text and audio summary covers the most important ideas in 15 minutes or less - available in 5 digital formats, including pdf/mp3/kindle/mobile/video.

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porchlight book company | we believe in books
we are dedicated to providing high-touch, human support to authors, organizations looking for books in bulk, and the publishing industry. formerly named 800-ceo-read.

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forbesbooks - the best in business
forbesbooks is a leading business book publishing imprint under the forbes global media company.

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start here | the blog of graham mann
welcome to my blog! i write about things like startups, productivity, better thinking and whatever i'm learning, and send it out in a newsletter once per week.

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homepage - what you will learn
homepage - what you will learn

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alex j. hughes
alex j. hughes is a writer and software product manager. his writing has been featured on the mind the product, daily stoic, the mission and thrive global. his articles focus on practical philosophy for everyday life, multidisciplinary learning, and his experience working alongside entrepreneurs in the tech space.

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calvin rosser - life reimagined
calvin rosser is a writer, podcaster, & startup operator on a mission to empower 10 million people to live a more fulfilling life.

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jamie mcsloy's blog
long story short: the site got infected by evil hackers. so did every single one on the server. i'm rebuilding from scratch. everything should be up, running, new and better within a few days.

Website Worth: $ 4,500
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dean yeong
hey, dean here. i write and publish articles on productivity, leadership, money, psychology, and more. join dean notes to get my best updates and insights.

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the gary halbert letter
the gary halbert letter. the most valuable website on the internet.

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the investor's podcast network - business podcasts, educational resources, and financial tools.
the investor's podcast network is a hub of the best business podcasts, educational resources, financial tools, and forums.

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eventual millionaire - jaime masters (business coach)
real millionaires. real stories. real business wisdom. learn as jaime masters pick the brightest minds in the business world.

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audible india | free audiobook with trial |
great books narrated by great performers. with over 200,000 audiobooks, you are sure to find the perfect listen. download audiobooks to your iphone, android, or other listening devices. start your free trial today and get a free audiobook. listen to your books wherever you are with the free audible app - in a car, on a run or even when ironing!

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online bookstore ph | fully booked online philippines
find your next great read on our virtual shelves and have your books delivered straight to your doorstep. fully booked online bookstore in the philippines offers nationwide shipping with cash on delivery available.

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jocko podcast – leadership and discipline
jocko podcast - leadership and discipline

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top network marketing leader and trainer | matt morris
matt morris is a top network marketing trainer and leader. his leadership and training has produced more than 1,000,000 customers and $1 billion+ in sales.

Website Worth: $ 4,400
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my mental models
charlie munger created a system for making better decisions and called it a "latticework of mental models". this is the system he used to become a billionaire. here i will show you the system he used and give you the tools to apply it to any goal you have. click below to learn what his system […]

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home -

Moz DA: 60 Moz Rank: 5.3 Semrush Rank: 96,217 Facebook ♡: 981 Website Worth: $ 11,400
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derek sivers
writer, entrepreneur, avid student of life. i make useful things, and share what i learn.

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scientific advertising - ...and other classics...

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free book summaries & more - storyshots™
learn or review the key insights of bestselling nonfiction books in minutes. for free. read, listen, or watch anywhere, anytime.

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motivational start
seeking motivation? you've come to the right place. motivational start will help motivate you on to the path of health, wealth, and happiness.

Website Worth: $ 400
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sam thomas davies | live better, work smarter.
hi, i'm sam thomas davies. i take brief but concise notes from the best non-fiction nonfiction books of all time.

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swipe file examples from the top copywriters in the world.
this is a completely free and curated swipe file maintained by some of the top marketers in the world. swipes include pricing structures, sales pages, classic advertisements, restaurant signage and even billboards.

Semrush Rank: 1,045,764 Website Worth: $ 47,300
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manage bills, expenses & get personalised offers
get your bills on your phone, receive personalised offers from your favourite brands and manage your expenses digitally.

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dan lok shop

Semrush Rank: 1,225,338 Facebook ♡: 2,488 Website Worth: $ 17,500
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library of unusually good ideas
hi, i'm ivaylo durmonski. i read, i write, i summarize best-selling books and i'm building a library of unusually good ideas. join me in my quest.

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good book summaries [daily updated – 750+ books]
good book summaries [daily updated - 600+ books]

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the reading lists | the best book recommendations on the internet
discover the world's best books. interviews, reading lists, quizzes and more - we're a home for the internet's book lovers.

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gundars minalgo
gundars minalgo |

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online book store in thailand|
the biggest international online bookstore in thailand. find promotions or pre-order book, ebook, magazine, emagazine, stationery and more.

Facebook ♡: 628 Website Worth: $ 20,000
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just start investing
welcome to just start investing. the key to investing is starting now, and we'll keep things simple as we help you learn how to get started.

Semrush Rank: 72,768 Website Worth: $ 28,100
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self development - dean bokhari's meaningful hq
self development | leadership | meaningful work | book summaries | dean bokhari's meaningful show is the #1 podcast for millennials looking for research-driven life & business advice.

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nerdy creator | calm your mind, awaken your spirit
yong kang chan (aka nerdy creator) is a spiritual writer. on this website, you will find resources that help you connect deeper within.

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penguin books new zealand
the home of penguin books nz. your guide to bestselling fiction, non-fiction, children’s books and penguin classics. find out more about authors and events.

Facebook ♡: 148 Website Worth: $ 24,600
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read this twice - books worth reading twice.
verified book recommendations from people we look up to.

Semrush Rank: 1,289,249 Website Worth: $ 8,100
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running remote - build & scale your remote team - running remote
running remote online is carefully curated to teach you next-level, actionable strategies and tactics to manage & grow your remote team.

Semrush Rank: 540,662 Website Worth: $ 14,400
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actionable books
ideas worth implementing. fresh insights from leading business books through free summaries, author interviews & workshops you can run with your team.

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two minute books | short, actionable book summaries

Semrush Rank: 108,371 Website Worth: $ 200
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seth godin's book recommendations
this is broken is a tribute to seth godin's book recommendations, taken from his blog and interviews, and lovingly made in to a searchable directory. see over 275 book recommendations from seth.

Semrush Rank: 2,146,326 Website Worth: $ 700
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podcast notes : the best ideas from the world's best podcasts in minutes
read the top takeaways, insights, and ideas from the best podcasts on health, life, start-ups, crypto, finance, work, and more.

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morgan crozier | entrepreneur & digital marketing specialist
entrepreneur & digital marketer. uses technology & automation to free up time and make things happen on a grander scale than what's possible on your own.

Semrush Rank: 1,932,749 Website Worth: $ 5,000
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get a great work life
have a great work life - find your career, get promoted, build great relationships, feel fulfilled

Facebook ♡: 0 Website Worth: $ 1,400
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the book summary club
at the book summary club, the goal is to give you the best business book summaries, reading lists lists and reviews of the best book apps available

Moz DA: 16 Moz Rank: 2.8 Semrush Rank: 704,656 Facebook ♡: 121 Website Worth: $ 1,000
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alex and books
alex & books: book summaries, recommendations, and articles that will teach you how to become a better reader.

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this domain may be for sale!

Moz DA: 19 Moz Rank: 2.3 Semrush Rank: 2,183,479 Facebook ♡: 569 Website Worth: $ 600
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text, audio and graphic book summaries of most popular books - readingraphics
we summarize top business and personal development books for entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals.get more powerful insights in less time and achieve your success and breakthroughs!

Semrush Rank: 122,701 Facebook ♡: 8 Website Worth: $ 8,300
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do you love to learn, but have no time?
four minute books will make you smarter in 4 minutes or less. browse our list of over 800 free book summaries and start learning!

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almanack of naval ravikant
almanack of naval ravikant

Semrush Rank: 919,609 Website Worth: $ 200
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Semrush Rank: 11,083 Facebook ♡: 659 Website Worth: $ 84,200
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stock screener - the acquirer's multiple®
absurdly simple, ridiculously powerful deep value stock screener

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The Curious Reader | An online literary magazine
The Curious Reader is an Indian literary magazine with articles about reading. Find a new book to read or discover new aspects of a book you've already read.

Semrush Rank: 364,581 Website Worth: $ 200
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