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yuri elkaim | making fit and healthy simple again
yuri elkaim is a nutrition, fitness, and fat loss expert, and nyt bestselling author who makes fit & healthy simple again with clear, science-backed advice.

Categories: Marketing/Merchandising, Health and Wellness
Topics: awesomenessfest, hormone reset diet, jumping rope vs running, making fit and healthy simple again, yuri elkaim, yuri elkaim blog

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fitness equipment, exercise equipment - life fitness
fitness equipment, exercise equipment, fitness equipment online – life fitness is the industry leader for top quality fitness equipment. browse online today!

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Categories: Marketing/Merchandising, Health and Wellness
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yuri elkaim's energy greens
the world’s healthiest and tastiest energy drink to help you look and feel your best  no matter your age, health status, whether you’re busy at work, or at home with the kids, modern life can make it challenging to properly nourish yourself on a daily basis. our energy greens superfood drink mix makes it more convenient to help you look ... read more

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Categories: Business, Business
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avocado ninja.... feel the difference - avocadoninja
life can be busy and sometimes complicated, so we decided to simplify everything and make it effective, fun and enjoyable!

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Categories: Computers/Internet/On the Web, Society/Religion and Spirituality, Online Shopping, Shopping
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daily burn - thousands of workouts, stream video anywhere
one membership, thousands of different workout videos so you can mix it up every day right from your own home.
. Daily Burn is a health and fitness company with a membership of approximately 2.5 million that provides workout and nutrition programs on a variety of web, mobile, and TV apps. Daily Burn streaming workout videos are led by master trainers and produced by Mason Bendewald, the director of Beachbody's P90X workout program. IAC holds a majority stake in the company. The website has an Apple iPhone and an Apple TV application which was a January App of the Week in The New York Times technology section. It was also named one of the top 100 websites of 2010 by PC Mag.

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Categories: Recreation/Hobbies, Sports
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100% raw & organic superfoods to alkalize, energize, & getoffyouracid! - alkamind
100% raw and organically grown superfoods to help you alkalize, energize, & get off your acid!

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Categories: Society/Religion and Spirituality, Arts/Design, Society/Paranormal, Marketing/Merchandising, Information Technology
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redefining strength | find your strong
we each need to find our own journey to feel strong, confident, healthy and happy. redefining strength is here to help you hit your goals.

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Categories: Marketing/Merchandising, Sports
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myolean fitness - your best guide to science-backed fitness
myolean fitness delivers online fitness coaching and science-backed fitness information to people looking to build muscle, lose fat and perform their best.

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Categories: Recreation/Hobbies, Health and Wellness
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james clear
james clear is a writer and speaker. he is the author of the #1 new york times bestseller atomic habits and the popular 3-2-1 newsletter.

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Categories: Shopping/Vehicles, Regional/Europe, Health/Specific Substances, Marketing/Merchandising, Business
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nerd fitness
nerd fitness: a fitness website for nerds average joes. helping you lose weight, get stronger, live better.

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Categories: Computers/Software/Internet, Sports/Badminton, Society, Blogs/Wiki, Health and Wellness
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builtlean® - busy professional men get lean for life
builtlean empowers busy professional men to get lean, strong, and healthy for life.

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Categories: Blogs/Wiki, Health and Wellness
Similar? Yes 0 No 0   - serving youth sport. we are for athletes, by athletes.
visit to get youth sports news, in-depth stories, and commentary for soccer, baseball, football, and ncaa recruiting and more.
Type of computer. In computer science, computer engineering and programming language implementations, a stack machine is a computer processor or a virtual machine in which the primary interaction is moving short-lived temporary values to and from a push down stack. In the case of a hardware processor, a hardware stack is used. The use of a stack significantly reduces the required number of processor registers. Stack machines extend push-down automata with additional load/store operations or multiple stacks and hence are Turing-complete.

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Categories: Shopping/Sports, Sports/Badminton, News/Media Industry, Education/Reference, Sports
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home - better bones, better body
dr. susan brown is your ultimate resource for natural solutions to osteoporosis, osteopenia, and natural bone health. get expert advice on nutrition, supplements, and exercises to improve bone density and prevent osteoporosis. discover the latest research and stay up-to-date on the best ways to support your bones.

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Categories: Health/Conditions and Diseases, Health/Medicine, Health, Health, Health and Wellness
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gmb fitness: fun, smart exercise to get strong & move better
build strength & agility to do what you love and get rid of the pains you hate. move and feel better with gmb fitness online exercise programs.

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Categories: Sports, Health and Wellness
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siim land consulting
siim land consulting

Categories: Blogs/Wiki, Personal Websites and Blogs
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bodi - fitness, nutrition, and mindset for your health esteem
login or activate your bodi account (formerly beachbody on demand). you’ve tried working out before; bodi keeps you engaged in ways that work for you.

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Categories: Health, Health and Wellness
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fitness blender
fitness blender provides free full length workout videos, workout routines, healthy recipes and more.

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Categories: Shopping/Entertainment, Business/Directories, Arts, Marketing/Merchandising, Health and Wellness
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home - bret contreras
home - bret contreras

Facebook ♡: 17
Categories: Marketing/Merchandising, Health and Wellness
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top ab machines & workouts: get a rock-solid core today!
discover top ab machines & effective workouts for rock-solid abs! unleash your core's potential with expert tips & reviews on the best equipment.

Categories: Blogs/Wiki, Health and Wellness
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avocadu | a website for yoga, weight loss, and healthy living
helping women lose weight quickly, safely, and consistently through healthy eating and dieting, healthy living tips, recipes, yoga, and more.

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Categories: Science/Environment, Business/Management, Regional/Europe, Provocative Attire, Business
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fitness 19 gyms | affordable health clubs & centers
fitness 19 gyms offer affordable rates and month-to-month memberships. our fitness centers and health clubs offer a quality experience for any workout.

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Categories: Sports, Sports
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coach: your health & fitness guide
coach helps everyone enjoy an active lifestyle with workouts, training plans, exercise guides, nutrition advice and fitness gear reviews.

Moz DA: 62 Moz Rank: 5.1 Semrush Rank: 76,880 Facebook ♡: 30
Categories: Entertainment, Information Technology
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kinobody fitness
kinobody fitness gear, supplements and courses

Moz DA: 51 Moz Rank: 4.7 Semrush Rank: 52,240 Facebook ♡: 2,905
Categories: Blogs/Wiki, Health and Wellness
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live energized - alkaline diet plan, training & alkaline recipes
alkaline diet plan resources for amazing energy & to make it easy. over 650+ free alkaline diet guides, recipes and step-by-step videos.

Facebook ♡: 19
Categories: Health, Business
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strength training, bodybuilding & online supplement store - t nation
t nation - the best strength training and bodybuilding articles, workouts, and supplements to help you get bigger, stronger, and leaner!

Semrush Rank: 22,308 Facebook ♡: 8,976
Categories: Pharmacy, Health and Wellness
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yoga journal | yoga poses - sequences - philosophy - events
yoga journal is your source for yoga pose instruction, sequences, free video classes, guided meditations, and information on the yogic lifestyle.

Moz DA: 77 Moz Rank: 6 Semrush Rank: 6,227 Facebook ♡: 12,174
Categories: Society/Religion and Spirituality, Recreation/Outdoors, Recreation/Climbing, Recreation/Hobbies, Society and Lifestyles
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muscle & fitness - workouts, nutrition tips, supplements & advice
your ultimate source for full workout plans and advice on building muscle, improving nutrition, and using supplements.
American fitness magazine. Muscle & Fitness is an American fitness and bodybuilding magazine founded in 1935 by Canadian entrepreneur Joe Weider. It was originally published under the title Your Physique, before being renamed to Muscle Builder in 1954, and acquiring its current name in 1980. There is also a companion magazine called Muscle and Fitness Hers, oriented toward women.

Semrush Rank: 2,819 Facebook ♡: 21,017
Categories: Health, Health and Wellness
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dr. axe | health and fitness news, recipes, natural remedies
dr. josh axe, dnm, dc, cns, is a doctor of natural medicine, chiropractor, clinical nutritionist and author with a passion to help people get well using nutrition, natural remedies (including essential oils), healthy recipes and fitness.

Semrush Rank: 2,149 Facebook ♡: 17,748
Categories: Society/People, Business/Arts and Entertainment, Home/Family, Public Information, Health and Wellness
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dotdash meredith - america's largest digital & print publisher
dotdash meredith is america's largest digital and print publisher, with brands including people, better homes & gardens, allrecipes, investopedia, verywell, and more! learn about career opportunities, our leadership team, and how we can help you reach audiences across our network of trusted brands.

Semrush Rank: 23,516,351 Facebook ♡: 19,972
Categories: Health, Health and Wellness
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barbend - strength training, nutrition, news, & reviews
your resource for all things strength, with articles and videos on training, nutrition, and news in crossfit®, weightlifting, powerlifting, and beyond!

Moz DA: 66 Moz Rank: 5.8 Semrush Rank: 2,028 Facebook ♡: 3,517
Categories: Sports, Sports
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doctoroz - youtube
heart surgeon. empowered millions to take control of their health.
American surgeon and TV host (born 1960). Mehmet Cengiz Öz (Turkish: [mehˈmet dʒeɲˈɟiz øz]; born June 11, 1960), known professionally as Dr. Oz (), is an American television personality, author, professor emeritus of cardiothoracic surgery at Columbia University, and former political candidate.The son of Turkish immigrants, Oz was raised in Wilmington, Delaware, and graduated from Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania. A dual citizen of the U.S. and Turkey, Oz served in the Turkish Army during the 1980s for 60 days of mandatory training, specifically for citizens who reside in foreign countries, to maintain his Turkish citizenship. He subsequently began his residency in surgery at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in 1986. In 2001, he became a professor of surgery at Columbia University, and later retired to professor emeritus in 2018.

Semrush Rank: 3,675,515 Facebook ♡: 25,491
Categories: Marketing/Merchandising, Political Organizations
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adidas runtastic: adidas running & adidas training apps
track your runs, bodyweight training sessions, and other fitness & sports activities with adidas runtastic apps. stay motivated with your friends, set new goals, start a training plan, and live a healthier life.

Semrush Rank: 7,544 Facebook ♡: 6,666,941
Categories: Software/Hardware, Sports
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blog - legion athletics
hi, i'm mike matthews, bestselling author and owner of me anything

Semrush Rank: 3,932,221 Facebook ♡: 512
Categories: Blogs/Wiki, Health and Wellness
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Shape is a digital fitness, health, and beauty destination and community that offers inclusive, trusted, and empowering advice to guide you through any point in your wellness journey.
Fitness magazine. Shape is a monthly English language fitness magazine started by Weider Publications in 1981, founded by Christine MacIntyre (a pioneer in women's free weight fitness) and became the number one women's fitness magazine. At that time, Weider Enterprises consisted primarily of the bodybuilding magazine Muscle & Fitness. Joe Weider and Christine MacIntyre had differing views of how to present Shape, Weider endorsing a less journalistic and more commercial approach to articles, MacIntyre endorsing a more academic, doctor-based magazine. Weider also endorsed a sexier approach to editorial while MacIntyre endorsed a healthier look for women, eschewing sexiness in the models and the copy. MacIntyre largely won that battle, editing a magazine that required that every byline have an advanced medical degree, that cover models should look healthy rather than sexy, and that sexist language be avoided.

Moz DA: 84 Moz Rank: 6.1 Semrush Rank: 2,183 Facebook ♡: 40,431
Categories: Health, Health and Wellness
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