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news, sport, celebrities and gossip | the us sun
get the latest news, exclusives, sport, celebrities, entertainment, politics, business and lifestyle from the us sun
2010–2011 concert tour by Shakira. The Sun Comes Out World Tour (also known as the Sale el Sol World Tour) was the fifth concert tour by Colombian singer and songwriter Shakira, launched in support of her eighth and ninth studio albums, She Wolf (2009) and Sale El Sol (2010). After a special tour preview show held in Montreal, Canada, on 15 September 2010, the North American leg of the tour commenced at Uncasville, Connecticut, on 17 September, and closed at Rosemont, Illinois, on 29 October 2010. The European leg of the tour was planned to commence at Lyon, France, on 16 November, and end in London, England, on 20 December 2010. The tickets for the initial dates of the European leg were soon sold out, and Shakira extended the tour into 2011, beginning by announcing a show at Paris, France; venues at countries such as Croatia, Russia, Spain and Switzerland were soon added. The Latin American leg of the tour was a part of the Pop Festival and visited countries like Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Bolivia were added to the tour dates.
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outdated browser | lucid
update your browser here in order to use lucidchart seamlessly.

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science | aaas
science | aaas
Academic journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Science, also widely referred to as Science Magazine, is the peer-reviewed academic journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and one of the world's top academic journals. It was first published in 1880, is currently circulated weekly and has a subscriber base of around 130,000.
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American cable television channel. Syfy (a paraphrased neology of the former name Sci-Fi Channel, later shortened to Sci Fi; stylized as SYFY) is an American basic cable channel owned by the NBCUniversal Television and Streaming division of Comcast's NBCUniversal. Launched on September 24, 1992, the channel broadcasts programming relating to the science fiction, horror, and fantasy genres. As of January 2016, Syfy is available to 92.4 million households in America.
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Database on corporate entities. OpenCorporates is a website that shares data on corporations under the copyleft Open Database License. The company was launched on 20 December 2010, by Chris Taggart and Rob McKinnon.
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gartner | delivering actionable, objective insight to executives and their teams
gartner provides actionable insights, guidance, and tools that enable faster, smarter decisions and stronger performance on an organization’s mission-critical priorities.

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ukraine interactive map - ukraine latest news on live map -
live universal awareness map liveuamap is a leading independent global news and information site dedicated to factual reporting of a variety of important topics including conflicts, human rights issues, protests, terrorism, weapons deployment, health matters, natural disasters, and weather related stories, among others, from a vast array of sources.
Web mapping service. Live Universal Awareness Map, commonly known as Liveuamap, is an internet service to monitor and indicate activities on online geographic maps, particularly of locations with ongoing armed conflicts. It was developed by the Ukrainian software engineers from Dnipro Rodion Rozhkovskiy and Oleksandr Bilchenko.
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voa - voice of america english news
english news from the voice of america. voa provides complete coverage of the u.s, asia, africa and the mideast.
International state-owned United States broadcaster. Voice of America (VOA or VoA) is the state-owned news network and international radio broadcaster of the United States of America. It is the largest and oldest U.S.-funded international broadcaster. VOA produces digital, TV, and radio content in 48 languages, which it distributes to affiliate stations around the world. Its targeted and primary audience is non-American. VOA was established in 1942, and the VOA charter (Public Laws 94-350 and 103–415) was signed into law in 1976 by President Gerald Ford.
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the university of british columbia
the university of british columbia is a global centre for research and teaching, consistently ranked among the top 20 public universities in the world.
Public university in British Columbia, Canada. The University of British Columbia (UBC) is a public research university with campuses near Vancouver and in Kelowna, British Columbia. Established in 1908, it is British Columbia's oldest university. The university ranks among the top three universities in Canada. With an annual research budget of $759 million, UBC funds over 8,000 projects a year.The Vancouver campus is situated adjacent to the University Endowment Lands located about 10 km (6 mi) west of downtown Vancouver. UBC is home to TRIUMF, Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics, which houses the world's largest cyclotron.
Moz DA: 91 Moz Rank: 6.6 Facebook ♡: 1,443 Website Worth: $ 908,200 — бизнес, технологии, идеи, модели роста, стартапы
крупнейшая в рунете площадка для предпринимателей нового поколения. новости ит-рынка, вакансии, работа, маркетинг, реклама, pr, интерфейсы, мобильные приложения, технологии, ai, финансы, техника, транспорт, будущее.
List of main shared-libraries of Microsoft Windows. The Microsoft Windows operating system supports a form of shared libraries known as "dynamic-link libraries", which are code libraries that can be used by multiple processes while only one copy is loaded into memory. This article provides an overview of the core libraries that are included with every modern Windows installation, on top of which most Windows applications are built.
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vistacreate - free graphic design software with 100,000+ free templates
looking for free graphic design software? easily create professional designs with vistacreate, a free design tool with powerful features and 100k+ ready-made templates

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inici. generalitat de catalunya
inici. generalitat de catalunya

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particulares - banco santander
encuentra información y productos financieros para particulares como cuentas, tarjetas, prestamos, hipotecas, planes de pensiones o fondos de inversión.

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flipboard: your social magazine
one place for all the stories you care about. join the flipboard community to discover and share what inspires you.

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startup responsive landing page template for startup, web services, newsletter signup, lead generation etc..

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спорт: футбол, хоккей, баскетбол, теннис, бокс, биатлон, формула-1 — все новости спорта на
спорт во всех проявлениях, свежие новости российского и мирового спорта, аналитика, интервью спортсменов, статистика, фото и видео. блоги звездных спортсменов и тренеров, сообщества пользователей.
Overview of sports traditions and activities in Russia. The most popular sport in Russia is soccer. According to Yandex search analysis results rating of the most popular sports among Russians: "Football topped the list of the most popular sports in Russia" with 5 to 10 million requests. Ice Hockey came in second with handball, basketball, futsal, boxing, auto racing, volleyball, athletics, tennis and chess rounding out the top ten rankings. Other popular sports include bandy, biathlon, figure skating, weightlifting, gymnastics, wrestling, martial arts, rugby union, and skiing.The Soviet Union (USSR) competed in the Olympic Games for the first time at the 1952 Summer Olympics. Soviet and later Russian athletes never finished below fourth place in the number of gold and total medals collected at the Summer Olympics in which they competed.
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frontiers | publisher of peer-reviewed articles in open access journals
open access publisher of peer-reviewed scientific articles across the entire spectrum of academia. research network for academics to stay up-to-date with the latest scientific publications, events, blogs and news.
Swiss academic publisher of open access journals. Frontiers Media SA is a publisher of peer-reviewed, open access, scientific journals currently active in science, technology, and medicine. It was founded in 2007 by Kamila and Henry Markram, and has since expanded to other academic fields. Frontiers is based in Lausanne, Switzerland, with other offices in London, Madrid, Seattle and Brussels. In 2022, Frontiers employed more than 1,400 people, across 14 countries. All Frontiers journals are published under a Creative Commons Attribution License.Frontiers journals are included in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).
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domain names, website builder, web hosting & more | verizon small business essentials
verizon small business essentials offers e-commerce, web hosting, domain names & website builder solutions. for all your small businesses needs, we will be there to support your business through any time.

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گجت نیوز | آخرین اخبار گجتی و فناوری های روز دنیا
آخرین اخبار فناوری ، علمی و تکنولوژی های جدید شامل گوشی موبایل، لپ تاپ، کامپیوتر و تبلت، خودرو، نجوم، قیمت گوشی، قیمت خودرو، بررسی گجت، قیمت و مشخصات گوشی

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صدى البلد
اخبار صدى البلد تعرض لكم لحظة بلحظة اخر اخبار مصر مباشر واهم الاخبار العاجلة ف مصر والعالم العربي ونرصد لكم اخبار عالمية و اخبار اليوم لكل عشاق الرياضة فنحن ننقل لكم الحدث بكل شفافية
Egyptian news website and satellite television channel. Sada El-Balad (Arabic: صدى البلد, lit. “Nation’s Echo”) is an Egyptian news website and satellite television channel established in 2011. It is owned by businessman Mohamed M. Abou El Enein and features journalist Ahmed Sabry as its founding Editor-in-Chief.
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university of southern california
the university of southern california is a leading private research university located in los angeles — a global center for arts, technology and international business. it is home to the college of letters, arts and sciences and 21 exceptional academic schools and units. usc’s health sciences campus houses renowned specialized care and research in cancer, stem cell and regenerative medicine, orthopedics and sports medicine. the university is the largest private sector employer in the city of los angeles, responsible for $8 billion annually in economic activity in the region.
Private university in Los Angeles, California. The University of Southern California (USC, SC, Southern Cal or SoCal) is a private research university in Los Angeles, California, United States. Founded in 1880 by Robert M. Widney, it is the oldest private research university in California.The university is composed of one liberal arts school, the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, and 22 undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools, enrolling roughly 21,000 undergraduate and 28,500 post-graduate students from all 50 U.S. states and more than 115 countries. It is also a member of the Association of American Universities, which it joined in 1969. USC is ranked as one of the top universities in the United States and admission to its programs is considered highly selective.USC has graduated more alumni who have gone on to win Academy and Emmy Awards than any other institution in the world by a significant margin, in part due to the success of the School of Cinematic Arts, and has conferred degrees upon 29 living billionaires. USC's notable alumni include 11 Rhodes scholars and 12 Marshall scholars.
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pitchfork | the most trusted voice in music. | pitchfork
the most trusted voice in music.
American online music publication. Pitchfork (formerly Pitchfork Media) is an American online music publication (currently owned by Condé Nast) that was launched in 1995 by writer Ryan Schreiber as an independent music blog. Schreiber started Pitchfork while working at a record store in suburban Minneapolis, and the website earned a reputation for its extensive coverage of indie rock music. It has since expanded and covers all kinds of music, including pop. Pitchfork was sold to Condé Nast in 2015, although Schreiber, along with his partner in Pitchfork president Chris Kaskie, remained the site's editor-in-chief and president/publisher until they eventually left the company in 2019 and 2017, respectively. Initially based in Minneapolis, Pitchfork later moved to Chicago (which remained its official headquarters up until its acquisition) and then Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
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:: welcome to ibps ::
:: welcome to ibps ::

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history | watch full episodes of your favorite shows
watch full episodes of your favorite history series, and dive into thousands of historical articles and videos. to know history is to know life.
US-based international satellite and cable TV channel. History (formerly The History Channel from January 1, 1995 to February 15, 2008; stylized as HISTORY) is an American pay television network and flagship channel owned by A&E Networks, a joint venture between Hearst Communications and The Walt Disney Company's General Entertainment Content Division. The network was originally focused on history-based, social/science documentaries as well as the news. During the late 2000s, History pivoted into reality television programming. In addition to this change in format, the network has been criticized by many scientists, historians, and skeptics for broadcasting pseudo-documentaries and pseudoscientific, unsubstantiated, sensational investigative programming. As of February 2015, around 96,149,000 American households (82.6% of households with television) receive the network's flagship channel, History.
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find the best offer - localbitcoins
buy and sell bitcoins near you. fast, easy and private.

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qatar living | the go-to place for lifestyle, news, and events
stay on top of everything that is happening in qatar. check the latest news and events, community or lifestyle articles and videos. join the forums conversations or browse thousands of classified ads to find apartments or villas for rent, buy or sell your car or find your next job in qatar.

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вики чтение — полезная информация из книг
вики чтение — полезная информация из книг

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the spruce: make your best home
browse beautiful home design ideas and useful how-tos to make your best home. our expert advice makes creating the home you've always wanted easy and fun.
Digital media company based in New York City. Dotdash Meredith (formerly is an American digital media company based in New York City. The company publishes online articles and videos about various subjects across categories including health, home, food, finance, tech, beauty, lifestyle, travel, and education. It operates brands including Verywell, Investopedia, The Balance, Byrdie, MyDomaine, Brides, The Spruce, Simply Recipes, Serious Eats,, Lifewire, TripSavvy, TreeHugger, and ThoughtCo. In August 2012, became a property of IAC, owner of and numerous other online brands, and its revenue is generated by advertising. In addition to its Manhattan headquarters, Dotdash Meredith maintains offices elsewhere in the New York metropolitan area, as well as in Des Moines, Iowa, and Birmingham, Alabama.
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愛料理 - 240,000 道食譜,每天都有新食譜!

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website is no longer available - alliance for creativity and entertainment
website is no longer available - alliance for creativity and entertainment

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اكوام | موقع التحميل و المشاهدة العربي الاول
شمس المواقع، الموقع العربي الاول لتحميل و مشاهدة الافلام, المسلسلات, الالعاب, البرامج و التطبيقات, التلفزيون, المسرحيات, المصارعة, الرياضة, تحميل و مشاهدة مباشرة

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watch free movies online and stream free hd movies - tinyzone
watch over 250,000 hd movies and hd tv shows online free with english and spanish subtitle. free movies download - unlimited speed

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خبرگزاری کار ایران - ایلنا
آخرین و جدیدترین اخبار سیاسی ، اقتصادی ، اجتماعی ، کارگری ، ورزشی، حوادث ، ایران و جهان در خبرگزاری کار ایلنا٬ بنگاه خبررسانی بخش خصوصی کار ایران

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mercado livre brasil - frete grátis no mesmo dia
compre produtos com frete grátis no mesmo dia no mercado livre brasil. encontre milhares de marcas e produtos a preços incríveis.
Argentine E-commerce company. MercadoLibre, Inc. (literally "free market" in Spanish, and known as Mercado Livre in Portuguese) is an Argentine-American company headquartered in Montevideo, Uruguay, incorporated in the United States that operates online marketplaces dedicated to e-commerce and online auctions, including As of 2016, Mercado Libre had 174.2 million users in Latin America, making it the region's most popular e-commerce site by number of visitors. The company has operations in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, Uruguay, and Venezuela.
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4px递四方速递 for perfect x-border
4px递四方速递 for perfect x-border

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overdrive: ebooks, audiobooks, and more for libraries and schools
borrow ebooks, audiobooks and videos from thousands of public libraries worldwide.
American digital distributor of eBooks, audiobooks, music, and video titles. OverDrive, Inc. is a digital distributor of eBooks, audiobooks, online magazines, and streaming video titles. The company provides digital rights management and download fulfillment services for publishers, libraries, schools, corporations, and book retailers.
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karar - haberler, son dakika gelişmeler
sansasyon yok, gereksiz merak yok, yalan hiç yok. son dakika haberler, güncel gelişmeler, ekonomik veriler ve güçlü yorumlar karar'da.

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basketball statistics & history of every team & nba and wnba players |
checkout the statistics, scores & history of every team & nba and wnba players and more on
Company which operates several sports-related websites. Sports Reference, LLC, is an American company which operates several sports-related websites, including, for baseball, for basketball, for ice hockey, for American football, and for association football (soccer). They also operate a subscription based service for statistics, called Stathead. Between 2008 and 2020, Sports Reference also provided pages for Olympic Games and its competitors.
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punjab national bank internet banking
punjab national bank internet banking

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松松网 - 卢松松博客 - 为草根创业者提供网络推广知识

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bajaj finserv: loans, cards, payments, investments, insurance and more
bajaj finserv is india’s most diversified non-banking finance company. visit the website to learn about our products. get instant approval on loans, shop on emis, make an investment, get insurance and pay your bills.

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the daily wire
the daily wire
American news and opinion website. The Daily Wire is an American conservative news website and media company founded in 2015 by political commentator Ben Shapiro and film director Jeremy Boreing. The company is a major publisher on Facebook, and produces podcasts such as The Ben Shapiro Show. In June 2022, The Daily Wire launched DailyWire+, a video on demand platform featuring various Daily Wire content, including podcasts and video productions. The company has released multiple exclusive feature-length films and television series. The Daily Wire is based in Nashville, Tennessee.
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spotify for podcasters
get to know spotify for podcasters, the free, all-in-one podcast platform for every creator.

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tiscali - fibra, telefono, mobile. notizie dall'italia e dal mondo
offerte di connettività veloce fibra, senza fili e mobile. news e commenti in esclusiva delle nostre firme
Italian telecommunications company. Tiscali Italia S.p.A. is an Italian telecommunications company wholly owned by Tiscali S.p.A.Founded in 1999 and based in Cagliari, Sardinia, it deals with the Internet and telecommunications services offered in Italy by the Tiscali Group. Since 2022, following the Tiscali-Linkem merger, the company has acquired full control of the retail services previously provided by Linkem S.p.A., including the brand.
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shieldsquare captcha
shieldsquare captcha

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france tv - replay et direct tv des chaînes france télévisions (ex pluzz)
regarder la tv en direct et en streaming 24h/24 - tous les programmes des chaînes de france télévisions en direct, en avant-première ou en replay sur
French national public television broadcaster. France Télévisions (French pronunciation: ​[fʁɑ̃s televizjɔ̃]; stylized since 2018 as france·tv) is the French national public television broadcaster. It is a state-owned company formed from the integration of the public television channels France 2 (formerly Antenne 2) and France 3 (formerly France Régions 3), later joined by the legally independent channels France 4 (formerly Festival), France 5 (formerly La Cinquième) and France Info. France Télévisions is currently funded by the revenue from television licence fees and commercial advertising. The new law on public broadcasting will phase out commercial advertising on the public television channels (at first in the evening, then gradually throughout the day). France Télévisions is a supporter of the Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) initiative that is promoting and establishing an open European standard for hybrid set-top boxes for the reception of broadcast TV and broadband multimedia applications with a single user interface, and has selected HbbTV for its interactive news, sports and weather service, and plans to add catch-up TV and social media sharing capability.
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healthcare information club - health & wealth tips
get the latest information regarding insurance, healthcare, attorney, medical, lawsuits, and, many more...
. Teiaiagon was an Iroquoian village on the east bank of the Humber River in what is now the York district of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was located along the Toronto Carrying-Place Trail. The site is near the current intersection of Jane Street and Annette Street, at which is situated the community of Baby Point.
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recipe ideas, product reviews, home decor inspiration, and beauty tips - good housekeeping
good housekeeping is your destination for everything from recipes to product reviews to home decor inspiration.
American women's magazine. Good Housekeeping is an American women's magazine featuring articles about women's interests, product testing by The Good Housekeeping Institute, recipes, diet, and health, as well as literary articles. It is well known for the "Good Housekeeping Seal", a limited warranty program that is popularly known as the "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval".Good Housekeeping was founded in 1885 by American publisher and poet Clark W. Bryan. By the time of its acquisition by the Hearst Corporation in 1911, the magazine had grown to a circulation of 300,000 subscribers. By the early 1960s, it had over 5 million subscribers and was one of the world's most popular women's magazines.
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contabo🥇cloud vps & dedicated servers for a price you'll love
more computing power for less | award-winning support from an actual person - not a bot! | 8 regions, 11 locations | 99.996% uptime over the last 12 months

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appen is the trusted partner for innovative world-cl*ss ai applications
artificial intelligence will improve the world. that's why we've developed specialized tools and expertise to build a better future.
Linguistics data company. Appen Limited (formerly known as Appen Butler Hill) is a publicly traded data company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the code APX.Appen provides or improves data used for the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence products. Data types include speech and natural language data, image and video data, text and alphanumeric data and relevance data to improve search and social media engines.
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ask and answer - askfm
find out what people want to know about you. ask questions and get answers on any topic!
Social website. ASKfm ( until 14 January 2016) is a Latvian question and answer network launched in June 2010 as a competitor to Formspring. After registration, the user fills out their profile and can ask questions (anonymously or openly), reply on their profile, create photo polls. Also from 2021, app users can communicate anonymously or openly in public chats or tête-à-tête in private chats. The platform had 300 million registered users as of November 2021.The site was founded in 2010 in Riga, Latvia. Its headquarters was moved to Dublin, Ireland following its 2014 acquisition by IAC (who also own
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manga raw - 漫画、無料で読め, 無料漫画(マンガ)読む, 漫画スキャン王
漫画、無料で読め, 無料漫画(マンガ)読む, 漫画スキャン王

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home design, decorating and remodeling ideas, landscaping, kitchen and bathroom design | hgtv
let hgtv help you transform your home with pictures and inspiration for interior design, home decor, landscape design, remodeling and entertaining ideas.
American pay television channel. HGTV (an initialism for Home & Garden Television) is an American pay television channel owned by Warner Bros. Discovery. The network primarily broadcasts reality programming related to home improvement and real estate. As of February 2015, approximately 95,628,000 American households (82.2% of households with television) receive HGTV. The network was bought by Warner Bros. Discovery, then known as Discovery, Inc., in 2018, since which it has been ranked as No.
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aktuálne správy a spravodajstvo na slovensku a vo svete |
denne aktualizované spravodajstvo z domova i zo sveta. správy z oblasti ekonomiky, kultúry a spoločenského života. predpoveď počasia, horoskopy, tv program a kurzový lístok.

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patpat us - baby, toddler, kids clothes & matching family outfits
patpat us - offering a big selections of newborn baby clothes, kids designer clothes, family outfits online and home accessories & more. shop daily deals for mom and baby, enjoy massive disccounts and fast delivery.

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推酷 - it人专属的个性聚合阅读社区 - 推酷

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http status 404 - not found
http status 404 - not found

Website Worth: $ 16,800 - il cinema dalla parte del pubblico
database di tutti i film dal 1895 ad oggi, recensioni, critica, cast completo, produzione, durata. dizionario dei termini cinematografici, programmazione dei film al cinema e tv.
Website dedicated to Italian cinema. is a website dedicated to Italian cinema. Established in 2000, the website contains a database on Italian films and television series and actors with films from 1895 to present. The website also features reviews of up and coming films, interviews with actors and directors and other notable figures in the Italian film industry and international news related to film. In 2010, it also launched a streaming platform, Mymovieslive!. The website is particularly popular among Italian men aged 25 to 45 according to demographic surveys and is the 56th most popular website with Internet users from Italy.As of 2013, the website included over one million pages, over 200,000 reviews, and it collected over 3 million monthly unique visitors.
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nitroflare - upload files
upload your files at maximum speed! you can use this service to share your creations, use as a virtual backup and share your files with your friends! you can upload up to 10 gb files, for free!

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best media player and video downloader for windows and macos
televzr is the best software for save videos from any site. it supports downloads from youtube, facebook, vimeo, dailymotion, twitter, instagram, and all the other most popular online platforms.

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el español - diario digital, plural, libre, indomable, tuyo
últimas noticias y toda la actualidad en el nuevo periódico digital de pedro j. ramírez.
Spanish online newspaper. El Español is a Spanish online newspaper which started in 2015. It has its headquarters in Avenida de Burgos, 16D, 7º, Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid.
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search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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cardekho: new cars, car prices, buy & sell used cars in india
thinking of buying a car? at, buy new and used cars, search by filter and preferences, compare cars, read latest news and updates, see 360 views & more!

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q r code
shop top beauty brands & new arrivals at ulta beauty. join ultamate rewards. free store pickup & curbside available.

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apply for and manage the va benefits and services you’ve earned as a veteran, servicemember, or family member—like health care, disability, education, and more.
Department of the United States government. The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is a Cabinet-level executive branch department of the federal government charged with providing lifelong healthcare services to eligible military veterans at the 170 VA medical centers and outpatient clinics located throughout the country. Non-healthcare benefits include disability compensation, vocational rehabilitation, education assistance, home loans, and life insurance. The VA also provides burial and memorial benefits to eligible veterans and family members at 135 national cemeteries. While veterans' benefits have been provided by the federal government since the American Revolutionary War, a veteran-specific federal agency was not established until 1930, as the Veterans Administration. In 1982, its mission was expanded to include caring for civilians and people who were not veterans in case of a national emergency.
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crowdfund innovations & support entrepreneurs | indiegogo
crowdfund innovations in tech and design before they go mainstream and support entrepreneurs that are working to bring their dreams to life.
American crowdfunding website. Indiegogo is an American crowdfunding website founded in 2008 by Danae Ringelmann, Slava Rubin, and Eric Schell. Its headquarters are in San Francisco, California. The site is one of the first sites to offer crowd funding. Indiegogo allows people to solicit funds for an idea, charity, or start-up business. Indiegogo charges a 5% fee on contributions.
Moz DA: 92 Moz Rank: 7 Semrush Rank: 9,171 Facebook ♡: 198,688 Website Worth: $ 727,700 | science for a changing world
we provide science about the natural hazards that threaten lives and livelihoods; the water, energy, minerals, and other natural resources we rely on; the health of our ecosystems and environment; and the impacts of climate and land-use change. our scientists develop new methods and tools to supply timely, relevant, and useful information about the earth and its processes.
Scientific agency of the United States government. The United States Geological Survey (USGS), formerly simply known as the Geological Survey, is a scientific agency of the United States government. The scientists of the USGS study the landscape of the United States, its natural resources, and the natural hazards that threaten it. The organization's work spans the disciplines of biology, geography, geology, and hydrology. The USGS is a fact-finding research organization with no regulatory responsibility. The agency was founded on March 3, 1879.
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wave financial: financial software for small businesses
free invoicing & accounting software with credit card processing & payroll services

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just a moment...
just a moment...

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সময় নিউজ | সময়ের প্রয়োজনে সময়
রাজনীতি, বাণিজ্য, খেলাধুলা, জাতীয়-আন্তর্জাতিক ব্রেকিং নিউজ, বিশ্লেষণমূলক সংবাদসহ যাবতীয় খবর পেতে চোখ রাখুন সময় নিউজে।

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turkish airlines ®️ | flying to the most countries‎
discover more than 120 countries with turkish airlines for a unique travel experience. buy a flight ticket, make hotel reservation and rent a car.

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payment gateway system
payment gateway system

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پارسپک، اولین ارائه دهنده خدمات میزبانی ابری در ایران | پارس پک
پارس پک ارائه دهنده خدمات ابری در ایران؛ ارائه: انواع: سرور(لینوکس و ویندوز)، هاست، گواهی ssl، دامنه و خدمات ابری از سال 1388.

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аргументы и факты: новости россии и мира
аргументы и факты: круглосуточное ежедневное обновление новостей россии и мира, репортажи, истории. темы в формате вопрос-ответ, инфографики, фото и видеоматериалы. полнотекстовые выпуски газеты, архив номеров
Russian weekly socio-political newspaper. Argumenty i Fakty (Russian: Аргументы и факты, commonly abbreviated "АиФ" and translated as Arguments and Facts) is a weekly newspaper based in Moscow and a publishing house in Russia and worldwide. Since 2014, it has been owned by the Government of Moscow.
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322万个编程源码资料 联合开发网 -
程序员 源代码 源码 下载 编程 论坛,聊天室,c语言,java,嵌入式编程,matlab,人工智能开发等200多个分类

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versus | compare everything
versus is a global data-driven comparison platform, covering over 90 categories. compare smartphones, cameras, headphones, graphics cards, and much more. with detailed tech specs, data visualizations, and price comparisons, versus is the best product finder for a wide range of consumer electronics, from smartphones to pc hardware.

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игры онлайн - игроутка
лучшие бесплатные онлайн игры для детей на основе мультфильмов, без агрессивной рекламы, с понятным управлением и интересным сюжетом

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شیپور - نیازمندیهای رایگان خرید و فروش، استخدام و خدمات
نیازمندیهای رایگان خرید و فروش خودرو، املاک و آپارتمان، گوشی موبایل و تبلت، موتور سیکلت، لوازم خانگی، لوازم دست دوم، استخدام و خدمات در ایران

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the blue social bookmark and publication sharing system.

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the news lens 關鍵評論網 - 分享觀點從這開始
我們是一群對於現今媒體不滿又想要做出一些改變的人。有一直在媒體產業的編輯,有多年在海外各地工作的專業經理人,還有對於網路技術有熱情的開發者,以及一群對於我們這個夢想有興趣,願意一起幫忙的實習生、朋友以及許多外稿作者。 我們夢想中的媒體是除了陳述事實之外,還能夠提供多元、不同方向的觀點,並為智慧手機、平板、電腦等不同平台提供各自適合閱讀內容。也讓社交網路世代的使用者,能夠更輕鬆的分享、討論和參與他們有興趣的議題。

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the official web site for the state of new jersey
home of the official website of the state of nj
Twitter account of New Jersey. NJGov is the official Twitter account of the state of New Jersey. It was launched in 2018 by Pearl Gabel and Edwin Torres, bringing Megan Coyne onboard in June 2019. The account began garnering attention in the press – as well as a significant follower base – in December 2019, amid Gabel and Coyne's yse of NJGov in a public relations campaign to change perception of New Jersey. Shifting to a tone described in the press as "sassy" and "sharp", the account has sought to embrace and reclaim the negative perception of New Jersey by some as smelly or dirty. In addition to lighthearted Twitter antics, Gabel and Coyne sought to give substantial information about the state's current events and policies to their new follower base.
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book direct at the official website to guarantee that you get the best prices on ryanair's cheap flights.
Irish low-cost airline. Ryanair DAC is an Irish ultra low-cost carrier founded in 1984. It is headquartered in Swords, Dublin, Ireland and has its primary operational bases at Dublin and London Stansted airports. It forms the largest part of the Ryanair Holdings family of airlines and has Ryanair UK, Buzz, Lauda Europe, and Malta Air as sister airlines. It is Ireland's biggest airline and in 2016 became Europe's largest budget airline by scheduled passengers flown, carrying more international passengers than any other airline.Ryanair Group operates more than 400 Boeing 737-800 aircraft, with a single 737-700 used as a charter aircraft, as a backup, and for pilot training. The airline has been characterized by its rapid expansion, a result of the deregulation of the aviation industry in Europe in 1997 and the success of its low-cost business model.
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shop canada’s top department store online & at 500+ locations | canadian tire
get anything from auto parts to home décor, outdoor living products, fitness/sports equipment, tools and more at canadian tire online or one of 500+ stores.

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SQL database engine software. MySQL () is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS). Its name is a combination of "My", the name of co-founder Michael Widenius's daughter My, and "SQL", the acronym for Structured Query Language. A relational database organizes data into one or more data tables in which data may be related to each other; these relations help structure the data. SQL is a language programmers use to create, modify and extract data from the relational database, as well as control user access to the database. In addition to relational databases and SQL, an RDBMS like MySQL works with an operating system to implement a relational database in a computer's storage system, manages users, allows for network access and facilitates testing database integrity and creation of backups.
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특가프로 위메프로
가격, 상품, 스타일 비교를 한 번에! 특가프로 위메프로!

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техэксперт - ведущий бренд рынка нормативно-технической информации
профессиональные справочные системы «техэксперт» включают в себя нормативно-техническую документацию, нормативно-правовые акты, технологическую и справочную информацию в актуальной редакции

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just ads that work | revcontent
we’ve perfected the art of native advertising, empowering publishers and advertisers to grow their brand presence and revenues.

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hindi news: हिंदी न्यूज़, latest hindi news, today hindi news, breaking news in hindi, हिंदी समाचार | tv9 bharatvarsh
hindi news (हिंदी न्यूज़): read today’s latest hindi news and breaking news in hindi, hindi news headlines on tv9 bharatvarsh पर पढ़ें देश ओर दुनिया से जुडी सभी ब्रेकिंग हिंदी न्यूज़,हिंदी समाचार.

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wizards of the coast
wizards of the coast is a family of studios specializing in building role playing, trading card, and digital games for all genres of players.

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